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At Casoojee Optometrist we’re passionate about eyewear. As an independent optometrist we’re able to hand select our favourite pieces and react quickly to the latest trends. Our friendly team have extensive product knowledge and are trained to select the best fitting frames to compliment your face shape, image and lifestyle.

Your eye health, our priority...

At Casoojee Optometrist we can take a picture of inside your eyes. Your eye health is the most important aspect of the care that we can give to you. That's why at Casoojee Optometrist our eye test is a detailed and methodical process carried out by our expert optometrists, designed to ensure that your eyes are in perfect health.
As part of our continual commitment to offer you the best in eye care we can take a digital retinal picture as part of your eye health regime. The picture is a detailed image of your retina - the back of your eye - allowing you to see what we see; as well as keeping a permanent photographic reference of your eye health so we can review it again when you come back to see us next time.

Corneal Topography

Corneal Typography

Computerized corneal topography is a three dimensional imaging process used to map the surface power of the cornea. The data points gathered are then digitized and analyzed by sophisticated computer software. The result is a detailed map of the corneal curvature much like a topographical map of land.

With this information, we are able to design soft and hard  gas permeable contact lenses with curvature changes every 10 microns creating the ultimate custom lens. This results in a more comfortable contact lens and better vision.

In addition, data gathered from topography can be used in the diagnosis and management of corneal disease and curvature abnormalities.
Also, this instrument is essential for determining if a patient is a candidate for refractive surgery, in addition to managing their pre-operative and post-operative care.